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Get It Off....Male Waxing, Derby

We wax just about every nook and cranny you can think of,  we’ve built our reputation on providing a first class service that keeps people coming back from miles around.


We have been waxing men for over 10 years and use the highest quality wax designed specifically for male hair and skin, we use a combination of waxes tailored to the relevant body part, with the most up to date and professional products and equipment. We will provide professional aftercare advice.

Male Waxing Questions & Answers


What’s included in the waxing service?

All our Waxing treatment include a personal consultation, Skin Preparation, strip or non-strip waxing, 3 step after Wax Care.


Does this type of male waxing hurt?

It's not pain free, but the pain is minimised by using high quality products designed for male hair and skin. Many clients say that it is not as bad as they imagined it would be.


Do I have to be naked for my waxing?

The areas being waxed need to be uncovered, howevver only whist being waxed. A towel can be used to cover yourself whenever we're not waxing the area.


What if I get aroused during my waxing?

Don’t worry. This does happen on occasions and usually passes quite quickly – your therapist will just ignore it  and get on with the job. Please note however that any inappropriate behaviour or language will result in the therapist stopping the treatment and asking you to leave.


Should I trim down the hair before waxing?

We reccomnd that you don't - Your therapist can trim prior to your treatment if required at no extra cost.


What advise do you give for Waxing Aftercare?

Now it's all about taking extra care and caution for 48 hours following waxing. Here are the 8 things we recommend avoiding while your newly waxed skin is at its most sensitive. After that, you should be smooth sailing for the next three to four weeks, when hair typically begins to grow back after a wax. 

  1. Stay out of the sun or sunbeds.
  2. Wait a couple of days before a spray tan.
  3. No swimming or hot tubs, sauna steam rooms and hot yoga.
  4. Avoid intense workouts and sweating.
  5. Avoid perfumed skincare skin care and don’t exfoliate.
  6. Take lukewarm showers instead of baths.
  7. Opt for loose clothing.
  8. Sorry, no sex if you have had your intimate areas waxed.


What to do!

Take a lukewarm shower as soon as you can, once you have showered, pat dry with a soft towel (or air dry with a hairdryer if you can) once dry spray a post wax anti-bacterial spray followed by a post wax moisturiser. Repeat the above for the first few days post wax and shower as soon as you can after getting sweaty.

After five days exfoliate the waxed area to prevent ingrown hairs and repeat every few days


What Aftercare Products do you Recommend?

Outback Organics Post Wax Spray - anti-bacterial spray - £10.0

Outback Organics Bush Balm - Moisturiser for intimate areas - £6.0

Outback Organics Aloe Gel - Body Moisturiser - £11.0

Temple Spa IT'S A WONDERFUL LIFE Exfoliator Shower Gel - £16.0


What if I have other questions not answered here?

Simply send your question via message or whatsapp to 07792340208




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