Tel. 01332290821 Txt. 07792340208
Tel. 01332290821Txt. 07792340208

Get It Off....Male Waxing, Derby

We offer a flexible pricing structure based on the amount of hair you have and how much of it you want removed. Prices are reduced for partial hair growth


Manscaping - Male Waxing Price


Torso                                     From

Full Torso                              50.0

Full Back & Shoulders         28.0

Upper Back & Shoulders    20.0

Full Chest & Stomach         33.0

Neck                                     10.0


Intimate Male Waxing                            From

Brazilian (scrotum, penis & buttocks)    55.0

Full Brazilian (all off front & back)          65.0

Buttock cheeks & crack                         35.0

Buttock crack                                          22.0

Buttocks Cheeks                                      22.0

Pubic Triangle                                          25.0


(scrotum, penis & pubic triangle)         45.0



Eye brows                             12.0

Nostrils                                   12.0

Ears                                        12.0

Ears & nostrils                        20.0


Arms & Legs

Full leg                           45.0

Half Leg                         35.0

Feet and Toes              15.0

Full Arm                         35.0

1/2 Arm                         22.0

Under Arm                    15.0

Hands                            15.0

Trained by Andy Rouillard at Axiom Wax Academy Our Male Therapist has over 3 years’ experience of men's intimate waxing


We've seen it all so there is no need to be shy or embarrassed


What do you actually want?  Male Hollywood? Male Brazilian? Full BSC?


Most first time clients have no idea what areas these treatments actually include and sometimes different therapists / salons have different meanings for each one


To make it easier we don't use confusing names like Boyzilian or Mankini

We break the treatment down in to the areas so we only wax what you want us to wax

Simply tell us the areas you would like waxing


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